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The PWR Press Story

After 20+ years of working with high-level individuals ranging from professional athletes and celebrities to CEOs and social media influencers — we saw a problem we couldn’t ignore.

Many high-profile people have a great story to tell — a story that could engage, inform, and inspire — yet they lack the right resources and credible partners to help them share it. 

The barriers to publishing — lack of industry know-how, discipline, time management, writer’s block, and most importantly, an unfair publishing system that doesn’t fairly compensate or support writers — we’re holding so many talented authors back from sharing their story.

PWR Press is here to change that. 

We’re a different type of publishing house. We EMPOWER writers by partnering with them, coaching them, and working with them side-by-side to write, market, promote, and sell their book. We give them everything they need to succeed.

And, we do it all in a way that is fun, fair, and ethical!

We help writers bring their book into this world while being fully supported personally, professionally, financially while enjoying every step of the process! 

Find out how we can help you make your dream of publishing your story a reality. 

The PWR Press Team

Carolynn Smith-Jones

Carolynn Smith-Jones truly understands talent management and representation. For over 20 years, she’s lived it both personally and professionally.

From being personally involved in the world of professional sports to managing her national public relations agency, Seven Marketing + PR, Carolynn knows what it takes to succeed on both the personal and professional side of a high- profile lifestyle.

Starting her career as an on-air radio personality for NFL Fox Sports, Carolynn covered NFL pre- season camps, sideline reporting and interviewing NFL players and coaches. Following the world of sports, Carolynn became a “Million Dollar Baby” in sales and marketing for Hilton Hotels Worldwide before finally turning her attention toward supporting high-profile clients
with Seven Marketing + PR.

Carolynn’s experience in sports and entertainment has taught her many things. The life comes with a lot of opportunities — and a lot of people trying to take advantage of you. And, that many high profile individuals lack having a strong team of experienced partners to support them and their dreams. That is why Carolynn launched PWR Press Publishing.

Tired of seeing individuals taken for granted and taken advantage of, Carolynn decided to expand her PR business into publishing — an industry notorious for over-promising and under- serving talent and thought leaders. Now, through PWR Press Publishing — a publishing house that provides fun, fair, and ethical book partnerships — she can put her big heart to work helping people bring their dreams of writing a book to life while helping them elevate and profit from the process!

Kristen Rumberger
Vice President

Kristen Rumberger always knew she wanted to help shine the spotlight on others. 

Drawn to media and public relations from a young age, she’s been on a mission to help people build their brands, share their stories, and achieve their goals for as long as she can remember.

Shortly after graduating from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations, Kristen was on the fast track working in PR and social media at Seven Marketing + PR. Within two short years of joining the national firm, Kristen advanced into a Director role.

Her fast-paced, millennial marketing mindset along with her charming personality and extreme attention to detail led her to quickly make her mark in the PR and social media industry.

She managed national social media accounts and campaigns that created brand awareness and growth for high-profile individuals and brands — taking clients with little or no social media presence to more than a combined 100,000+ engaged followers. In addition; Kristens PR success includes writing cutting-edge story angles, and gaining television and print placements for countless clients.

Kristen brings her expertise, enthusiasm, and industry insight to PWR Press Publishing where she is responsible for coaching, project management, planning and executing cutting-edge social media strategies, monitoring trends in digital marketing, and pitching to local and national media.

Now, Kristen gets to live her dream of helping people showcase their personal and professional brands while helping her clients live their dream of finally bringing their book to life.

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